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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. God is tnith itself^ and as such we ate bound to believe whatever he asserts. ■ KX^ijf Jv Sxru ruv 'T*ofuru O'euv frapa T^iin-ai rr,v Wftflwi' eui S^if Uif Tufi T Ss tur C^ xai i Upa To Xirtis ^»iff«»woj itifiari Hwriae, xai tfuirafai ipaifit I*" autjit 'Pwjiwje' ffi]futfvei» n fwrt airit t)}iis of temples, and swelled tbe catalogue of ialse gods; it wis a dangerous sod illrtimed doctrine, to pteach that he was e^ial to God; that he was the Son of Ood; that eter- nal life co Dflisted in the knowledge of himself and of his Fathsf^ to command his followers to lay down their lives, sooner than deny tiint, 8tc^ and to confirm this doctrine by silencing the winds- that enhaided at his nod; by calming the sttmny seas; changing die nature of the element^ restoring sight to the blind; the use c^ their litnbs to the lame; ibcckig death to sutrender his spoils; and all nattire to acknowledge his power and empire. Paul, who affirms, "that he thought it no usurpation to make himself equal to God! 19 Common sense often BUf^ea the roam of mrtqdi^cal de- f DOHStratio Ds. The Catholics of that vicinity cannot enter their new and neatly finished church, «itb- out pouring forth their gratitude to Goc I in raising up for them so great a benefactor as David Wilkinson, Esq. For we make no "encroachraenla;" we are not of those who propagate their creed by violence; our creed is not one that coul/l be thus propagated: calm, dispassionate, solid arguments; 18301 THE METKOPOLITAN. Baul, *Sannot live unless we Iveatbe, to the BOul cannot subnst, onlesa she knows her Creator, sinc« the igntmnce of God is the death of tbe son L Without baptism the soul shall not have light The Jew is compelled to circum- cision by menaces, since every one that shall not be ciicumcised.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. He is omnipotent, and all hia attributes are fax above the comprehension of our finite minds- We roust therefore believe whatever he has dtme, however in- comprehensible to us, the actkni may appear. Shall a Paul and Baraabas tear their gatmenls in being taken for some- thing more than mortal men; and shall Jesus Chii EA, if he be not 6od, in a calm, de Uberate manner, rob the creator of all things, c^ his glcny and the wcwship due to him, in a JSnning that hin Holf and the God of heaven aie one; in applauding the faith of the apostle who said that he was Ihe Son ^ the living Ood: and in not checking the discqtle who after thrusting his hand into his side, exdairaed, "my Lord, and mj Qoi V It is not only in the time of his liberty, when he visits the citie* of Israel, healing their sick, raising their dead, feeding moltit^de• with a few loaves, and rdnsing the temporal severeignty which the peofde offined him, that he attributes to himself the preroga- tives of the divinity. Had he used any mental resenations on this occasion, by saying one thing and meaning another; by expressing outwardly, "I am the Son of God," and restraining in his mind the sense of the wwds, to the quality of a messenger; be would not have answer- ed according to the pontifi''s meaning, who knew bat too well the difference between a messenger, such as sny prophet may be, and a son, who must be of the same nature with his father. And common Bense will inform yon, tbat Jenn Chnst is either the greatest impostor that ever appeued, or tl Mt he ia literally wh«t he declu^a himself to be, God and Man, for wbom the martyra snffered, whom the Christian B adore, ajid to mbom all kneea bm to bend one day. of Pawtucket, a dis- tinguished member of the Ej Hscopal church. 153 - charitable, meek, persuasive ej Epostulation; — these are our arms. on the eighth day shall be exterminated trmn the people: do yoa seek to delay the circumcision not made by hands which is per- fftcted by baptism?

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. "H*ne Fidcm, quam nun.o babemiu, odidm Pidelei, qui no« pr Bce»- Mr UDt, • priacii lempariboi btbaerant." — Luir Ki Hc, ta Mr. For the instruction of the writer, we beg leave to refer him and his partisans to the last chapter of the gospel according to St Mark, the seventeenth and eighteenth verses, and s Aer perusing it seriously and sincerely, we think that he will be ashamed of this beaul^l sentence, ff it bt gran Sed—^ cannot be denied— taking Qo^a tmrd for truth and obierving the prindpht of kutnan nature, it Jbtlen ioperat Uionl If it be granted — ^it cannot be denied^— wh M lan- guage! "Another still more efficient cause of superstition is s ter- mfc fear. Ambrose: '^Andrew first followed our Sftvioni, yet Aadiew received not the primacy, but Peter.*" Is THE FIFTH AGE. But these are points which we shall not diacusa separately, it being sullicient for all the purposes of the present investigation, to prove, that the delegation of the Chris- tian ministry is not vested in the hands of the people at all; neither in the hands of the body at large, nor yet, in any portion of it Where, either in the order of nature or of religion, is the proof of this astonishing prerogative?

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I ^■v METKOPOLITAN. — Fear is induced prindpatly by three canses — con As- non, excommunication, and pnrgatcw^." It is taken for nnques- tionable, by the writer, that the Catholic religion is the parent of lenile fear. Or, where, in the whib i^n them, and they recel Tcd the Bolt Ghoit." Acu, S, 17.

The Dotions of truth and error are so very diseiinilar, that the one necessarily excludes the other. * Tanti excellentia atque prsstantil, seqaenti admirationii probntura 78 ■ THE METROPOI-ITAW. The renenble Bishop of Bardatovn was received by tbe wel- come and gratulalion B of his flock, and spiritual children. — We understand that the new Catho- lic church in Pawtucket, B. will be open for Divine service on Ctuutma B day, and that of New Bedford, Massachusetts, on New Tear's day. You are sounding the trumpet of battle; arraying your "staunch united phalanx," — against whom? Mutation and time, the nature of which is a continual change, cannot approach this august bosom, and the same perfection, the same plenitude of being, which excludes non-ex istcncc, excludes also all change of nature. He has revealed diat his Son was "unique," only begotten; for ' John it L 35. Thy Son is in thee, and thou art in thy Son, and thy Hoiy Spirit is in thy Son and thee.

Hence reason, when left to its«wn powers, inevita^ tably leads to scepttcism; and the discovery of truth thus b»- comes, if not wholly impossible, at least problematical. On the 29th, ho conferred the order of Deaconship on Mr. — On Wednesday the parish Prieals of the Dioccsa assembled, fm the purpoae of electing a new Bishop; and our readers will be htqtpy to hear that the election has been unanimous in favour of the Very Rev. This decision will be fcniffarded to Rome, for the approval of the Holy See, (which, where the clergy B« unanimous, is genendly a matter of course,) — but as the pro- ceedings of the Holy See are generally very cautious and delibe- rate, the reply and consequent consecration may not take place probably for three months. Are you aware that you are d^ claiming in a land of universal toleration.^ Do you reflect, that you are insulting an immense portion of American Citizens, among whom could be numbered many of the ornaments, and lights of our Republic? For when we say the substance of God, we say the whole substance, and consequently God entire and without divi- sion. — A Person, however, who is distinct from God, since the aame testifies that he is "in God, with God," and his only begotten Son, who is "in his Father's bosom;" whom he sends to the world; whom he manifests in tbe flesh, as the only begot- ten Son of God. He is the Word; the expression by which an eternal and peifact God says to himself all that he is, and conceives, and engend«a, and ' Johni.l, C ■ Heb.i.3. But, guided by faith, we dare, not only to contemplate it, but to behold in oursel Tes an image of it. — But where is the Ho Lr Qhost P Where is that holy and perfect Trinity, whom we serve from our baptism? The love of God is as substantial as his thought; and the Holy Ghost, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, as their mutual love, is of the same substance with the Father and the Son, a third Consu B- ITIRTIAL, and with them one and the same God. On The Works and Attribntee of The Almighty, Origin BL... The histny of every one of the sciences is, indeed, only the record of the weakiiess and &llibilily of the hu- man mind. The facts recorded by these authors are so numerous, that, if they were not true, they would not have been believed, I do not say by the learned, but even by the people generally, both of the east and of Uie west. " would they have exclaimed unanimously, "so many miracles have been wrought in Palestine, Scythia, Nitria, Italy, and Spain, and we, inhabitants of these countries, have neither seen nor heard of them! " It was very easy, even for the most ignorant to reaaon thus: and still the most learned have ^oken with respect of the auth OTB who nan^ these miraclea. Do not believe any thing which is not solidly authenticated: but re- fuse not to credit the testimony of men, who deserve the con- fidence and the respect of Christians. The fonner reached his Diocess on the 7th of December. — ^The following corre^Mndence between & Roman Catholic Clergyman, who desires his name not to be men Uoned in print, and Lord Frantas Leveson Gower, will, no doubt, attract some attention. have been re- Bt OTed to the Trea Snry through the instrumentality of the priest:— My Lord — In the discharge of my duties as a Roman Catholic CSergyman, I find that the sum of 100£. This sura shall be delivered up to your Lwdsbip at any time it may suit your convenience to appoint, by, my Lord, Tour Lordship's most obedient, humble servant, ■■•«■■ Jfovembtr 1, 1829, CKnpel-hotuc, ~ 1830.] THB MSTft OFOUTAH. which, in the discharge of your duties as a Romau Ca- tholic Clergyman, you find belongs to liis Majesty's Government, and I beg to acquaint you, tl^t the proper course will be to place the Hum in the Bank of Ireland to the credit of the Teller of Ex- chequer, and I am to request it may be lodged, when convenient^ in the Bank accordingly. You call upon Protestants to "throw off the morbid affection if they would not sink under the influence of the papal pestilence." Sir, 1 had flattered myself that the day had gone by when lan- guage like this could be used. Thus was it revealed to us that God is Father, that God is Son; and that the Father and the So;r are but oirc and thb SAME God; because the Son, being engendered from his Father's substance, which can suffer no division, nor be coinpoeed of parts, can be nothing less than a God, and the same God with his Father. Paul, 'Hhe figure," that is, the espiesa image and most perfect resemblance, "of his substance;"' a word, an espreasion, not foreign nor acci- dental, nothing such can be in tbe divine essence; but a word, an expresnon, emanating from him, subei Bting in faim, operatiag, creating with him, "When he prepared the heavens, I was there •—I was with him forming all things."* A Person, who is one with God, since the Evangelist says, "He was God," and God is enentially one. Without this revelation, who could dare fix the eyes of hb mind on this admirable secret of God? — ^Yes; "the Father loveth the Son," ' and, reciprocally, "the Son loveth the Father.'" That Divine Love is neither imperfect nor accidental in God. proo& of the roaaan; and of its liabiii^ to lead men into €mx. Justinian, in his Kyonstitution of the office of the Pnetorian Prefect in Afri- ca," attests that he too, beheld it with his own eyes: and £neas of Oaza, a philosopher of the school of Plato, makes the same assertion. Let us, therefore, conclude, that it ia not necessary to haye ro- couise to obscure historians to convince ourselves of the multi- tude ot miracles operated in ancient days, since we have so great a number recorded by the most respectable writers. From the United States Catholic Miscellany, we leam, that the Bishops of Cincinnati and Bardstown, arrived in safety in their Sees, on their return from the Provincial synod. Sir — I have to adtoowledge the receipt of jout l^ter, dated the Ist iostaiit, atating that you are ready to deliver to me a sum of 100£. Sir, and the public will rest eatisticd; and there will be no danger of a rapid "defec- tion &offl Protestantism." But if in lieu of argument, you rake up the dust of antiquated calumnies, and cause your columns to groan under the burden of epithet piled upon epithet, and mi^ representation heaped upon misrepresentation, you will ezhuist your moral strength, and lose your time: while those who read, will grow disgusted with you, and with your Teligion. Hence, from all eternity I have given bini) and do give him without end, all my love. This is properly his Word, tbe perfect expression (^ his thought, of that act of his intellect by which he knows, compre- hends, and coutemplate B his infinite Being; the expression, there- fore, which represents bis divine substance, with all his infinite perfections; "the splendor of his glory," says St. Let us not think it incredible thai God haa revealed the mystery of bis eternal generation to those, whom he has made to his image and likeness, and in whom he has imprinted a feeble, but true image of that eternal and perfect production.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Though Far from blaaeeble ig itself, this disposition, if ewriei too fu, may prove dangerous, and become a source of error. Clement of Alexandria, upon whose uitfao- rity Euiebiu H relates,' that *^Sl Marie wrote his gospel, at the request of St. Thus, agaiiut Marcton;" "Videamus," he says, "quid etiam Romani de ' Eccl. It is a true concession; unity cannot abide amid the conflicting notions, the jarring and ever varying caprices of interested men; it is impossible that it could. If there be truth in holy writ, a reti^on, a nation, a goicrnmcnt, any institution into which division insinuates itself, cannot last: "a kingdom divided in itself will fall! I challenge you to make a clear, and positive profession of faiiii, which any dissenter would not willingly adopt. "In sin bath my mother conceived me," cries out the royal pn^ihe L If the inbnt sufibrs, weeps, lingers, dies, it is not through any actual dime; it is ui consequence of that original guilt from which no human being is exempt. SSI bo dies in (^intl ain; if be die in origiaal tin, he dies defiled — and 'nothing defiled can enter Heaven.' '^Believe not, aoert not, teach not," exclaims the great Augustine, "that infants seized by death before the reception of Baptism can obtain the forgiveness of cmginal sin."* "Children,*' says Origen, who wrote in the second century, '^e bsfitized for the remission of ains. And because by the sacnunent of Baptism, the defilements of our birth are removed, therefore, even children are baptized.Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. It would avowedly be unreasonable in us, to deny the existence of a thing, or the truth of an assettitxi, merely becanse they are not consonant to our notions of probabilities, or poni- tulities. TVadition- In the first century, we have the testimony of St. Peter's hearers in Rome;'" and that "St PMer' makes mentimi of St. Paul preached Christ in Rome, and laid the foundation of the church:" Tou nfa'pni xai n C noi Xou iv 'Pufi T) eia. Peter, a Aer haring preached in Pontus, Qatatia, Bitbynia, &c. — J say positive profession, because your catecliisma, after laying down the general dogmas of Christianity — that there is a God; that there are three persons ' in one God; that Christ is divine, &c., after these broad and Catholic principles, I state it with reflection, your catechisms arc swollen with empty protestations against the alntses, errors, cor- Tuplirms, idolatry, ttbominaliona. Your melancholy apprehensions regarding the Jesuits shall be noticed at some other time. And if it be not unjust in the Almighty to visit tbe poor, hazmles infant with sicknesa, and pain, in this UCb, who would dare accuse him of injustice in extending the cbastisement beyond the grave? For, hinleas one is bom again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of Heaven.^ The Church," he s, ''received the tradition from the Apostles to administer n even to inri KTS.

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