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They are a 32-year-old British security guard of Serbian origin and a Greek barman, 34.

Eight other people who allegedly took part in the beating are also being questioned.

Greeks have been coming to the New World since colonial times, but they only started establishing permanent communities in the United States in the 1890s.

The second performance, "Epo ti Fistes Sekebes" (In the moonlight) is by Baritone vocalist Andres De Parry recorded on October 6, 1921 also in New York City.

It is thought to have been developed from the music Greeks brought from Asia Minor but more often associated with gritty seaport towns and gloomy low life.

The songs are solo performance accompanied by bouzouki and recognized by their passionate lyrics and style.

An American student has died after a mass beating by 10 people in the early hours Friday, when he was on vacation on a Greek island.

Bakari Henderson, 22, was battered to death in the street by the attackers who are thought to have used brass knuckles to pummel his head.

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