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“In fact, those district administrators who have skittishly come forward with ‘confidential’ concerns or those who have sought guidance under the guise of ‘hypothetical’ scenarios involving ‘one of the trustees,’ have made it clear that they do not want their names shared out of fear of reprisal from Trustee Child,” the report reads.

The report revealed behavior by Child that employees said frequently “crosses the line.” The memo also details “suicide counseling sessions” Child held with students.

(Jason Ogulnik/Las Vegas Review-Journal) A Clark County School District investigation of Trustee Kevin Child said he created a hostile and intimidating work environment and held impromptu “suicide counseling sessions” with young children when he visited schools, according to a memo obtained Friday by the Review-Journal.

He wrote that most of those parents are here illegally, and said it’s not right that taxpayers have to pay for these “law breakers.” Review-Journal staff writer Natalie Bruzda contributed to this story. A total of 19,877 people voted in that race, according to election results. Child agrees to stop showing up to schools unannounced. 7, 2016: The office of diversity and affirmative action opens a formal investigation into Child’s behavior. 19, 2016: A four-page memo is sent to Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky about Child from Cedric Cole, the executive manager of diversity and affirmative action program.Vellardita said his organization has flagged issues with Child’s behavior long before March 2016, but because people are not willing to use their names, they haven’t been able to provide the evidence the district needs.“This is the classic case where victims become somewhat fearful of speaking out,” he said.Messages left for the six other trustees were not returned.INTIMIDATING PRESENCE The memo states that employees have feared the power that Child has as a trustee, as he frequently reminds staff that he is “their boss” and the superintendent’s boss.

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