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For one, most of us non-sociopaths would feel guilt, and guilt wears down the immune system as well as other biological systems in the body.

I have had clients who have cheated which led to such a preoccupation with guilt that they lost jobs, businesses, and friends.

It's what has kept Jerry Springer on TV for the past 14 years and Greek mythology alive in the retelling for the past 3,000.

In one story after another, mundane and epic, we are reminded of the emotional and social fallout of messing around.

When there is a way out of stress, the body repairs.

However, when a person feels stuck long term in a no-win situation, it can lead to serious physical consequences.

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But make no mistake: Lipton and Barash, who have been married to each other for 28 years, don't say that sexual fidelity is impossible or wrong because it is not natural, only that it takes some effort.Sexual infidelity is one of humanity's great obsessions, perhaps second only to violence.We abhor it, yet we want to hear all about it, and some can't resist it."They tend to require great numbers of conquests and they perceive them as conquests," Lusterman tells Web MD."I see that as a developmental flaw in an individual, as opposed to an affair frequently being a function of some disruption in the couplehood.

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