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Non-developer users are protected against easy mistakes and we are not bothered by a dependency hell. In fact it would not build anymore since 1.6 due to various missing includes (or include order). I'm surprized that we didn't receive any complaint in one year, in the past people would report Open BSD breakage.Maybe these users are now on Free BSD which seems to work very well.All users of 1.5 should upgrade to 1.5.17, there are too many bugs impacting older versions. After 3 months for the most recent versions and one year for the oldest ones, a new version was released in each supported branch.This also marks the last 1.3 release as this branch has now reached end-of-life almost 10 years after it was created.A number of important bugs were fixed since last releases.Some of them impact 1.6 when using http-reuse (orphaned connections).For more info, you can check the full 1.6.11 announcement here and the 1.5.19 announcement here.Code and changelogs are available here for 1.6 and here for 1.5 as usual. It fixes a few regressions introduced during 1.7 and some painful bugs pre-dating 1.6 related to behaviour under low memory condition (thus expect 1.6.11 soon).

This will ensure that all versions are always covered in details for everyone.And it pays, because most of the recent new features did not require any core change, resulting in a more reliable core engine and less bugs expected over time. The first one is a final fix for the connection layer with the revert of the previous incorrect fix that went into 1.6.8 and 1.6.9, which could cause some unkillable tasks to happen.There are too many improvements to list them here ; for a detailed description of the changes since 1.6, please consult the announcement here. Two bugs in the peers' task management were also fixed, putting an end to the few occasional reports of stale CLOSE_WAIT connections. It completes a 13 months development cycle with some nice features that have been awaited for a long time, and managed to fix all the remaining bugs that were reported after the 1.6 release (1.6.10 will be issued soon with the fixes). As a brandnew service we are happy to now be working with a set of lenders who will lend you money without using a car or truck as collateral.Quick News Description Main features Supported Platforms Performance Reliability Security Download Documentation Live demo They use it!

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