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Power and shift commands are sent via a 2-wire CAN (Controller Area Network) datalink contained within a single cable housing.This design has several advantages over conventional mechanical shifting systems, the most notable of which are: Released in 2009, the 7970 operated using a very basic 5-wire electronic system.If you get a Campy free hub body, the 2 shims (part# is on the Zipp website, just search for Campagnolo 11) and a Campy cassette and you’re ready to ride with all 11 cogs available to use.” In emergency situations, 11-speed rear derailleurs can be used with 10-speed sprockets.There will probably be chatter in some gears, and there might be slow-shifts or self-shifts.Front Chain Rings: In general, most any front chain rings will work, rigid forged rings work best with Di2 due to high front derailleur shift forces.Shimano chain rings tend to be the best, but most others work as well.Follow the steps below to properly align the rear derailleur with the rear sprockets.

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If you switch between multiple rear wheels, it’s very likely that the sprockets on different wheels won’t be in exactly the same relative position to the rear derailleur, resulting in that annoying clicking sound as the chain makes contact with an adjacent sprocket.The 11-speed Dura-Ace 9070 and Ultegra 6870 rear derailleurs are designed exclusively for 11-speed rear sprockets and 11-speed Front Derailleurs.Shimano does not provide a way to recalibrate/reprogram them for a 10-speed setup.In doing so, I realized that people have a lot of questions about Di2 and the answers are difficult to find.This lead me to create this article, to consolidate everything I know and have been asked into one location so people can find answers.

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