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This unique setting provides a microcosm of “real-life” situations and relationships and offers ample opportunities for support and connections, personal growth, interpersonal development and putting new recovery skills into practice. K., Houston, TX Coming to The Ranch is by far the greatest gift I have ever given myself. There are infinite resources available, each with an amazing and unique power. The therapists and staff at the Ranch are doing God’s work and I will be forever greatful!We offer a wide range of traditional, experiential and adventure therapies, including DBT-enriched programs. I’ve learned the man behind the disease is a wonderful person, the person who can love and enjoy life. Here I learned how to access my personal power and the tools I needed to create a life of love and serenity. W., Beverly Hills, A I loved the equine therapy, the surroundings, nature, the respect given and received, the community living, the boundary meetings and ‘good recovery.’ Thank you all. Every day I was given the opportunity to learn, to grow, to heal. I don’t have words to describe how sensational each individual member of the staff were to me.All of the staff was very responsive and extremely kind.I was very satisfied with the care I received here. The best part of my experience of attending the Ranch was finding who my true self was!The cost of treatment at The Ranch mental health and addiction treatment center is based on each client’s level of care, individualized needs and treatment plan.Contact our admissions advisors at 888-387-6513 for an estimate of treatment costs based on a free, confidential consultation.

It further created a safe environment to truly heal old childhood wounds. All of the staff were available and were always willing to help me out.The community of women in my house (and others throughout the ranch), my supportive and loving RAs and talented and supportive treatment team!I was given the tools to take back my life and understand that what I’ve done in the past does not define me. ), Women’s Circle, Hilltop sisterhood, the cows, the rooster, the RA’s, my therapists, the love, and on and on. I feel I have truly sacrificed a pound of flesh for a pot of gold.Our specially trained admissions team has years of experience working with insurance companies and will handle all of the back and forth with them to determine the specifics of your coverage.We work directly with your insurance company so you can focus your energy on treatment and recovering.

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