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The pieces of information you need to supply are: If you already have a good idea of the power system components you want to use in your model, you may want to skip using the Moto Wizard and go straight to the Moto Calc Workbench. If you are unhappy with them (for example, suggestions involving a very large number of cells, or only brushless motors when you would prefer brushed), return to the Moto Wizard's option pages and narrow your preferences.

At this point, you can also print the Moto Wizard's suggestions by clicking the Print...

button, save them to a text, HTML, or comma-separated-values (CSV) file by clicking Save..., or copy one or more of the suggestions to the Windows clipboard (to paste into an e-mail, for example) by clicking with the secondary mouse button and selecting Copy One Result or Copy All Results.

When you are happy with the Moto Wizard's suggestions, select one (click on it with the mouse), and then click the Accept button.

If the motor you are using is not included in the database, Moto Calc will help you figure out its parameters from test data, catalog information, or from the specs of another similar motor.

And if you don't know the aerodynamic characteristics of your plane, Moto Calc's lift and drag coefficient estimator will make short work of determining them.

If you are a newcomer to electric flight, Moto Calc's Moto Wizard will ask you a few simple questions about your model and your preferences (such as brand of motor), and will then make suggestions as to the ideal power system.

The last line of the summary, labeled "Stats", summarizes the predicted performance of the model.

Below this you will see a table of predictions at different airspeeds, estimating things like current consumption, input and output power, and so on.

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