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The clerk's office also published the annual report of the Hamilton Township Committee.Tax Collector: The aspirant for this position had to have a background in clerical training, along with a course in public accounting.Before the squad car left for its daily area of coverage, it was checked to be sure that it was equipped with tear gas, and inhalator, machine guns, and other equipment which might be needed.I found it quite interesting that machine guns were part of an officer's arsenal.In 1950, The Hamilton police department consisted of a chief, two captains; one for the detective bureau and one to preside over uniformed officers.

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After five years of faithful and continuous service, the clerk is entitled to tenure of office; that is he may hold the office indefinitely, as long as he does so in good faith and conduct." (Note the use of the pronoun "he" as used in the pre women's lib days.) The duties of the clerk were many; issuing all licenses (except marriage), keep all township records, handle all committee correspondence, record and file all ordinances and resolutions, supervise the payroll for the township, audit all bills and statements and write checks for their payment.

The Hamilton Detective Bureau consisted of three detectives.

The rest of the department consisted of three traffic supervisors, three motorcycle policemen, a radio technician, the police surgeon, two clerks, one custodian, and last, but far from least, 22 patrolmen.

The Welfare Director was also appointed by the Township Committee for a term of five years, after demonstrating experience in social work, and qualification from the N. Then as now, this department was charged with providing and maintaining township recreational programs.

Playgrounds were located throughout the area, and students from Hamilton High School were hired each summer to care for the grounds.

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