Sophos updating policy differs from policy

Server2 Sophos Enterprise Console v5.2.0.644 Deploys Sophos Endpoint Client v10 SQL1 Sophos Enterprise Console v5.2.0.644 Database Server We want to move all clients and servers to v10 as soon as possible.

The problem with Server2 is that the database is on SQL1.

Older versions of OS X may not contain the com.server.plist file; if this file cannot be found, we attempt to check the smb.plist file.

Sophos Anti-Virus for OS X will check these files in this order to determine the machine name to send to Sophos Enterprise Console: The Remote Management System (RMS) that deals with the communication between Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X and the Sophos Enterprise Console can be configured to allow the Machine Name, Domain Name, and Computer Description to be overridden and alternative values to be used.

sophos updating policy differs from policy-76

Once the console is installed and running, a migration plan for clients and servers will be required.

Additionally, files can be quarantined if found to be infected with a virus.

Please note that this script was created using the latest version of Sophos AV available at the time of the script creation (4.9).

to install/upgrade the Sophos Management Database component on to a different (remote) computer the Upgrade tool to upgrade the Sophos database - 'Upgrade DB.exe' is run as part of the management server installer and not as part of the database installer. to redirect Windows endpoints to a new management server - use the Sophos endpoint migration utility to create a VBScript file that you use to redirect Windows endpoint computers to a new Enterprise Console it seems like its possible?

have you came across any web forms where people have done it, and something brake down during the move of Sophos from one Server to another.

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