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Alan: Ubuntu 16.04 issue with multiple screens Kevin: Command-line access to network-attached storage George: Answers for listener questions Tony: Privacy on the Internet Nathan: Contacting Ikey Jim: Ubuntu MATE desktop options and a rant Jim: Filtering out adult sites Eldon: Fdupes to get rid of duplicate files Craig: Hardware for Internet filtering Paul: Wiping a hard drive, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Although you can do some basic tweaking out of the box with other operating systems, Linux is infinitely more configurable than mac OS or Windows.

Sure you can get add-on software to personalize your Windows desktop quite a bit, but most Linux distributions provide the customization tools built right in, with additional utilities just a few clicks away in the software repositories.

After our break for US Thanksgiving, we get more feedback on popular topics like progress when using the dd command, disk cloning, snap packages, and backups. Logan: Why a 64-bit Linux download is sometimes labeled AMD64 Ken: Explains AMD64 as well Daniel: Explained Intel vs. Göran: File system mounts, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Inspired by an exchange between our community members in our 'Going Linux Podcast' Google community, we discuss how Windows, OSX and Linux all leave stuff behind after an upgrade, and what you can do to minimize or eliminate this on Linux.We provide several points of view on the concpets of Nuke and Pave vs. Kevin: Advice on maintenence on Linux Ken: Some show suggestions Sean: Linux game review: Xonotic Tom: Comments on the podcast Greg: Secure browsing on Linux, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End If you have a Hi DPI screen, like the one on the Dell XPS 13, you may find that it has tiny icons and fonts that make it difficult to use. Sometimes the process the same, and sometimes it's different.You can certainly change the resolution on your display to 1920x1080 (1080P) and simply not use its full capabilities but this podcast episode walks you through adjusting the settings to take full advantage of the full resolution of your beautiful 4K display. Click the show notes links to find even more than we can cover in this short episode.

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