Sxes shag zap

If you were a fan of the indie or retro market at least, then the notion of bouncing along like an 8-bit Mario or floating down the high street like that amoeba from mission.

Shell suits, shitbag caricatured gangsters and women in eighties boob tubes with post-dental injection open mouths are what awaits.

And that’s not even considering the fact that chasing down dodgy contacts and nicking motors is a fast route to the big house, which is exactly where poor deluded Tim ends up.

Only useful if: like that heavily tattooed chap in , you’re itching to get yourself arrested.

Even so, it’s no power of flight now is it, this willy-shrivelling business?

Like a reverse-Dr Christian then, Leah uses her mystical STD ability to dish out a disgusting form of justice to men who lie to get into women’s pants.

Sxes shag zap-15

After the storm struck, Tony was gifted with super-strength twinned with a murderous rage that sent him berserk towards his ASBO charges.I know what you’re thinking, surely the ability to cause a victim’s wedding tackle to change colour, shrivel up and eventually fall off has myriad real-life uses.You can probably think of at least five people right now who deserve the treatment, and that’s before you’ve even had a proper look through today’s papers.), Rudy’s emotional twindom was the basis for some great scenes in series three, even if it’s not a power most of us would covet.Only useful if: you needed to make a quick getaway and only had a railway pump trolley at your disposal?

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