Who is mashonda dating

‘I fought tooth and nail,’ she said, admitting that she originally didn’t want to work with him.‘Finally though, we did it and we had a ball.’ ‘I think we’ve taught each other a lot,’ she said.‘s 100 Most Influential People of the year and Kerry Washington wrote the tribute piece.

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The former couple dated when Eve was new to the rap game, and a 19 year old up and coming rap superstar. The couple did end up getting engaged, but Stevie J.’s wandering ways kept the two from ever making it down the aisle. It’s all good.” And even though Eve is in a really good place in her life, she does make it clear she still doesn’t have any desire to talk to Stevie J. When the DJ asked her what would happen if she saw Stevie J.Why aren't these women talking smack about the person who actually cheated on them?But when a kid is involved and a new step mom is overstepping her bounds, it is a whole different story.There are bargains to be had at Asos and New Look or add embellishment at River Island.Meanwhile Alicia displayed her toned figure and flawless skin in her revealing ensemble, while she made sure to be sun-safe - donning a large off-white fedora with black ribbon detail that shaded her make-up-free face from the harsh rays.

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