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This will help making it look like your tenn has had a baby. PLZ PLZ PLZ Right, you can only have triplets or quads if you have a mod or hack THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!You can have twins by pressing ctrl, shift, and C at the same time, this opens up a cheat box.In the cheat box type in bool Prop Testing Cheats Enabled true.After this shift and click the sim you want to be pregnant, alot of options will show up, look for spwan and click it, this will open up more options look for tombstone of L and D and click it. Click the tombstone and look for the option make sim pregnant with….(other sims name).

you guys, cant you see cristinah has no idea what he is talking about?Start the game, go to the option menu, select the music settings, then the radio station option. go to Spawn and click rodneys scenario tester and a yellow box thing will appear.Then you click on the teen/child that you want to not every go to school again and click Add me to privert school. Another Way To Make It Look Like A Teenager has had a baby is… once she has had the baby age her down to a tennager again. then on the family tree it will look like a teenager has had a baby 😀 With The Simmodder You Can Also Make It Look Like Teens/Children/Toddlers are Engaged/Mrried/Inlove Hope This Helps You All And This Is Only A Few Of The Cheats I Know 🙂 Happy Simming Ok people…im tired of ur crap.YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE NIGHTLIFE EXPANSION PACK FOR THIS CHEAT. I just want to know the freakin cheat for triplets ok. If you all could just give me/us a cheat that will work i would be very happy.Type in ‘Bool Prop Testing Cheats Enabled true’ without the ‘ and go on to your family, hold shift and click on a person, click Spawn, then go to next page (i think) and click sim modder, then a little dolly/baby like thing will appear. make and cure Vampires, age people up and down E.i make an old person straight down to a toddler. once you got the sim modder make your teen into a adult. I’ve tried like 5 other sites, and i NEED the cheat!

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