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“The most frustrating thing about Tinder is finding people who actually want to go on a date.Time-wasters will chat to you about nothing at all for ages – it now feels more effort trying to meet guys through Tinder,” admits Elena, 27. “Men chat for weeks without ever asking for your number.

She knew so much about him that Wikipedia could have hired her to write his profile page. The two of you cannot stop chatting away and you are starting to feel positive about this potential partner. Your banter and messages are fun, playful, and interesting. But somehow, you still haven't met this person yet . You two never miss a day of chatting, but this person hasn't mentioned a time to see you.I’ve never actually managed to go on a date with one.” After being strung along by a series of pen pals, Caroline, 32, has called time.“I’ve got to the point where I’m like, so, James or Tim or whoever, it’s been nice telling you how I am every few days for three months, but, it’s over.

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