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Let’s have a look at the key game changers in dating, all around the world.There was a time when people could meet a potential partner only through common friends or colleagues. 80% of the couples nowadays have met through some form of online dating.These services provide you the best match according to your common interests, location, views, taste, etc.If you are looking for a serious relationship, online dating can help. You can even find local online dating sites which list people from your locality.There has been a lot of changes in the world of dating in the past 10 years.More people are moving to different places for job, business, other purposes. With the introduction of internet and social networking sites, it has now become easier than ever to meet people of similar interest and taste. Even if a person is sitting in another corner of the earth, you can still talk to them anytime.You can read their tweets or posts, check out their pictures and know more about them.

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Unfortunately, the pre-Cambrian fossil record is sparse and its interpretation controversial.Many couples meet through Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites.There are specialized dating apps and services like Tinder where you can find a potential match even more easily.Relaxed molecular-clock methods provide an alternative means of estimating the timing of cladogenesis deep in the metazoan tree of life.So far, thorough molecular clock studies focusing specifically on Metazoa as a whole have been based on relatively small datasets or incomplete representation of the main non-bilaterian lineages (such as sponges and ctenophores), which are fundamental for understanding early metazoan evolution.

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