Updating playstation 2

Sony uses the Play Station Network and the Play Station Now service, described further in this article, as a means of distributing select software from earlier platforms.

It is the successor to the Play Station 3, and along with the Xbox One and Wii U, is part of the eighth console generation.A year after its launch, Sony is updating the design of the Play Station VR headset, streamlining things a little bit and removing the previous imposition of having to disconnect the unit in order to view HDR content on the PS4 console.The new Play Station VR headset model is distinguishable by the relocation of its headphone jack from the wire hanging from the headset to the back of the unit, making for a cleaner, more integrated design.A downloadable code for the Heavensward Play Station theme was included in the package.The Japanese release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was available as a special hardware bundle which included a Final Fantasy Type-0-themed Play Station 4 along with a copy of the game, a Dualshock 4 controller, a Final Fantasy Type-0 theme, and a download code for Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae.

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