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It gets rather herbal, with some rooty notes, herb liquors.

Cold overcooked coffee, burnt caramel, overripe oranges…

At least I think that’s who it was – no one was introduced on stage and Catskill Records didn’t reply to my request for the band line-up (or a set list) – so if it’s wrong I’m sorry guys, but you know who to blame. Also quite some orange marmalade and hints of aromatic herbs. But the company managed to put its ‘baggies’ on all Ryanair flights (where a two-for-one offer is currently available – not so good news methinks). Very nicely herbal, with some notes of camomile tea, Chinese green tea. Also some notes of apple skin, and almost as waxy as an old Clynelish, paraffin. Just lacks a little definition when compared with the Cadenhead. When machining the wood there is still a very strong smell of Whisky!

What we got was the excellent five piece outfit – Husky (aka bass player and studio multi-instrumentalist Marko Nyberg), singer Reeta-Leena Korhola, keyboards, guitar and computer man Ville Rippa, drummer Ansi Sopanen, and Fender and lap-steel guitar ace Miika Colliander. Again, the balance is perfect – the guy who did this vatting (I guess he’s retired now) deserves the Malt Maniacs golden medal – should that exist. ) it’s been said it could lead to increased underage drinking. Nice tastes of caramelised beer (sorry I know next to nothing about beers) and liquorice. Playful and highly enjoyable, with a very long development on lots of various ‘micro-aromas’. Then we have a superb mix of fresh mint, white pepper and liquorice. Not monstrously complex but so satisfying, special, with a perfect roundness. The finish is long, the malt keeps developing on olive oil and lemon seeds. A beautiful Glenury, worth no less than 92 points for me. Nose: similar to the ‘old young’ Cadenhead, just a little more on almond milk and orgeat syrup. Mouth: superb attack, very punchy, on bitter chocolate and white pepper. A superb profile, I think, but it might not please the lovers of big peat and big sherry. Nose: spirity, with some very strong notes of mustard, horseradish, wasabi (Glenury used to be decidedly Japanese, it appears! However, once we had dressed the surface of the timber we found that underneath was some of the finest quarter-sawn English Oak we had ever seen.

But it's also always interesting for us Europeans to observe a 'patriotic' artist because we haven't got any - almost an oxymoron over here (except for a few skinheads). A wonderfully sherried one, with a perfect balance between some superb notes of bitter oranges and a more than perfect woodiness. Gain some feint rubbery notes, getting quite leafy. Nose: rather medicinal attack, with again quite some peat and lots of notes of smoked tea together with some fudge, hot butter and hot caramel. Mouth: creamy but nervous attack, again rather peaty (although much less than the ‘Fragments’) Lots of tropical fruits mixed with sugared coffee, pastry.

Realize you are sitting in pub cellar having taken a wrong turn. Husky produce ‘cinematic music strongly influenced by the power of films and the hypnotic quality of photography’ says their web site, and the word ‘ambient’ seemed to be on everyone’s lips (they’d probably read that a great influence was David Lynch, and apparently Lars von Trier, who I personally have never forgiven for the uniquely depressing ‘Breaking the Waves’). Nose: very fresh, nicely grainy and very flowery, with also whiffs of sea air. Develops on acacia honey, sweet white wine (Sauternes, and one of the best), quince jelly. It has also signed a deal with a distributor in the Balkans, where nine ferries should already stock these baggies. She’s from a folk tradition, a blues tradition which drifts into soul. It’s overproduced, her solo-penned numbers are stronger than the ones with joint credits. She’s on the verge of being airbrushed into acceptability : oor wee KT from Skye.

) into a frenzy as she Yippe-aye-ayed her way through the middle section of the wonderfully poppy ‘Summertime cowboy’, thigh slapping and all (curiously The Photographer said this was irritating). In the same league as some Macallans (Gran Reserva), perhaps better. The burnt tastes get stronger and stronger, but there’s almost no finish except kind of a bitterness.

) difficult to hear, and she whipped the Finnish boys in the crowd (have you ever heard Finnish heckling Serge? An extraordinary balance, quite unexpected, to be honest. Lots of caramel, lots of overcooked or burnt ‘things’, orange liqueur, grain… Please buy their music - they have a CD out, 'Standards' ( Nose: very bold, bourbonny attack, on light caramel and breakfast honey. A bit too hot, I’d say, but water doesn’t really improve it. In short, it’s rather nice and enjoyable but perhaps it lacks a little extra-complexity. Recommended listening - sure they seem to be completely crazy but have a listen to Tortelvis and Dread Zeppelin playing Heartbreak hotel.mp3 and don't tell me it's not, at least, amusing. () When I turn around I’m wedged in by a crowd of remarkably clean and glossy young people. Right enough, there’s a stage, a mic and a big screen saying “K.

I had a try at the music of that lassie from Skye and my daughter jumped into my room, wondering if I was alright. The finish is rather long and quite salty, with also something ‘chemical’. Very grainy and very herbal, getting even sort of violent. Also some cardboardy notes, porridge, Schweppes, Alka-Seltzer…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too bad in fact, just a little too bitter. Nose: rather punchy, starting on some toasted bread and gin.

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