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In 2008, shows was permitted to submit three pre-nominees in each of the acting categories.The experiment lasted just a single year, and in 2009 the number was rolled back to two per category.The Emmy statuette is fifteen inches tall from base to tip.The statuette weighs 5 pounds and is composed of iron, pewter, zinc and gold.At the time there were three categories---one for the top show, the top actor, and the top actress. The Emmy was named after an "Immy," an affectionate term used to refer to the image orthicon camera tube.The statuette was designed by Louis Mc Manus, who modeled the award after his wife, Dorothy.Programs with larger casts had more performers to vote...and therefore had a greater chance of having their performers land nominations.

In 1972, the committee added another award that would honor Outstanding Achievement By and Individual in a Daytime Drama. In 1973, daytime television was given its own Emmy ceremony.A panel of screeners equally representing each of the soaps then screened tapes of those pre-nominees.Each member of the panel could then cast a vote for the performer in each category that they felt was the best.All persons involved in daytime television were allow to submit one nomination in each category.The top five vote getters in each category were placed on the final ballot.

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