Emotions can be self validating

This enabled me to make a beginning when it came to validating myself.It is important to validate ourselves because as I said earlier, we have not been validated by others in the ways that we needed to be validated and we have to stop thinking that others are going to finally give us the “stamp of approval” that we long to have. Forgive those who hurt you, and forgive yourself for allowing it. No need to analyze who did what, why they did it and why you did something. Don't let the past dictate your present or your future. ***YES the people that discounted me had huge issues of their own, but SO WHAT? I am not suggesting that we have to stay in a place of placing blame on others; I am just saying that I had to stay there long enough to be able to validate myself.

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" When you don't pay attention, the universe has its ways of waking you up. What are you letting happen because "That's the way it's always been," or "I can't change them" or any of a myriad of excuses? Accept where you are as information, not as judgment. Let go of the mistakes, the "I could have done" and the "I should have done." Look for the learning, evaluate. You don't have to decide anything within anyone else's time frame. We can't control others' feelings, emotions and attitudes. If you go outside to find your worth and your validation, go inside to discover it. Say, "Let me get back to you on that." Admit that you need more time. Associate with friends who are positive and supportive, friends and family who nurture you. Practice awareness and patience, especially with yourself. Check things out with others, but be careful of agendas. Are you allowing something that happened years ago to dictate your actions today? Don't fall victim to emotional demands, especially your own. Ask where those thoughts and emotions are coming from.

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