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Bylaws set a governing structure for church operation.

Bylaws benefit churches by articulating church direction, promoting unity among church members, increasing church efficiency, and reducing church liability.

Many churches have grown, and growth leads to change.

For example, when your church was founded, it may not have seemed necessary to require new members to complete a new member orientation when joining the church or your church may not have had the pastoral staff to lead such an orientation. Hodges, the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Include how to reinstate inactive or former members and the method by which members may rescind their membership.

To ensure that the church is exercising its religious freedom, it is important that the church bylaws state a clear path to church membership.

Back to top A church's bylaws should clearly identify the church's governing body (deacons, elders, executive committee, etc.) and definitively state that the governing body is the sole authoritative interpreter of scripture for the church.

A church cannot anticipate every doctrinal dispute that will occur and cannot include every single doctrinal belief in the Statement of Religious Beliefs.

As with any other ministerial position, the church bylaws should describe the Senior Pastor's duties.

Church bylaws should also state a definitive method for the termination of a Senior Pastor's employment.

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