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“I’ve got an eight-month backlog of customers I’m trying to get guns out for.

I’m supposed to be the head gunsmith here, taking care of all that.

Kris has moved beyond apprentice, he’s a builder, he needs to be on this AR build now.” Grant reminds Vince of the importance of the project getting done, but he refuses to budge.

“It has to be done before Vegas,” he agrees, “So let’s get the people that are going to Vegas involved on this build and get this gun out to Vegas, right?

Then I thought maybe it's beer belly.'While another joked at the well known Middlesbrough F. fan: 'Too many pies at the footie', which Miss Mc Govern then 'favourited' - seeming to suggest she approved of the post.

Following her hilarious Tweet, social media users flocked to Twitter to congratulate her on her cheeky response.

” He later speaks directly to the camera, saying, “Kris knows how to build an AR, because I taught him myself, but I’m not going to take the fall if he fails.

Thigh-high black tights also emphasises the South African model's lean legs.

UPDATE: 'Sons of Guns': Did Joe betray Will's trust, or is 'creative license' at work?

She's a social media sensation boasting 1.2million Instagram followers.

He feels that he is slighted at the Ted Nugent visit, and it doesn’t help that he is already fuming that Kris was placed in charge of the all-important Vegas project—a build that Vince obviously (and, as head gunsmith, understandably) thinks he should be leading.

Although he has not expressed it verbally previously, it has been obvious that Vince is chaffing over the Kris-Stephanie situation, believing, right or wrong, that Kris is getting a bit of special treatment due to his dating Will’s daughter.

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