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Empirical results and graphics were obtained using 64-bit Ox Metrics 7.1; see Doornik and Hendry, 2013.

Background on Infusion Pump Safety General information Benefits of utilizing smart pumps Limitations of smart pump technology Other considerations Examples of Desirable Functionality / Features of Smart Infusion Pumps Stakeholder Collaboration Project Guidance Disclosure About ISMP References Additional Sources for Information I. The data allows organizations to evaluate smart pump use, identify opportunities to enhance safe use, and take action to correct problems.

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For example, a clinical alert may prompt the practitioner to utilize a filter with the medication they have selected for administration. Use of Information & Clinical Practice Smart Pump Summit Attendees Intravenous infusion pumps are used to deliver parenteral medications at precise rates or in specific amounts.The interventions based on the data can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization and can focus needed resources on those areas identified. Clinical advisories contain relevant information about a specific medication that is displayed on the smart pump screen when the drug is selected from the library. Alerts provided by this type of technology can include clinical advisories, soft stops, and hard stops (11).

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